Welcome to Popbank   ca

Welcome to Popbank.ca 

This is a One stop shop when it comes to Crypto Digital Currency where you can find Popbank.ca useful tools to learn the how to mine coins easy. We also have the most securest Crypto Coin exchange on the planet where you can exchange Crypto Digital Currency into a more sought after Cryptos. You will also be able to Faucet Mine Crypto Currency Through our Crypto Club here and Cloud Mine Crypto Currency as well. You will be able to Connect to other crypto Miners, Exchangers, Fauceters, and People to ask questions get hands on information about and help guide you along. The more you interact with members the more you learn and grow, The only solution is earning CryptoCoins and Prospering with this global website and not asking yourself if it is real or not. 
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PopBanks Global Exchange

Exchange your Crypto Currency On the Securest Site on the Planet

CPU GPU Hardware Mining

Start Earning Cryptos Right Away Join Our Mining Pool

Crypto Club

Join Our Crypto Club Learn How to Mine Coins Through Faucets

PopBank Cloud Mining

Join PopBanks Cloud Mining and Earn Even More Crypto

CC Investment Club

The CC Works with you to Invest Money to receive every 10 day payouts for life.

Movies Plus

Movies Plus More than Just Streaming Movies, Tv Series, Videos, News, And So Much More, Paid Subscription Only $3.99 Month USD.

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What Is Cryptocurrency

To learn more about crypto currency feel free to read this exciting Article as it best tells you ky insight information though well done and i commend the writer Andrea R. for this great insight Just clck the Button to go to the Article,

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SSome Asked Questions and FAQ's About PopBank.ca

Does not Keep Crypto Coins on this site or does not use Hot Wallets.

We are not accountable for any loses in Crypto Currency and or Hardware Expenses you may incur.

We do Not hold you accountable for Canceling a transaction when making a deposit to PopBank.ca

All Services we provide are that a Service we are not Buying or selling you a thing

You may request Support for any Questions or Concerns you may have.

We are Partnered with a Corporation and Within that Corporation we abide the laws and guidelines of operating as a Service Provider.

Our Mission is to teach you about Crypto Currency The Digital Currency of the World, and to help you better understand how it works, And how you can Prosper from this.

Any Tools we use is part of the Popbank.ca Experience Proven tools to help you prosper in Crypto Currency and to learn what to look for and how to invest in Paying sites of Crypto Currency. As stated before if the Site is not on here
 Do Not Trust It.

Do you have Hot Wallets?
Answer No We do not use Hot Wallets.

Do You Give Out Information Personal?
No only information we have of you is your Device Name and Wallet Address.

Do You Give Out Email Addresses?
No but as we say to make a new email through google mail to do anything with Popbank.ca Incase there is a breach.

Can you take coins from My Wallet Address If I give it to you?
No, we can not take coins from your Wallet address if you give it to us, as a wallet address is your Wallet address identifying the wallet like a email address does.

Can I lose Money in This Like I have heard some people have?
Yes and No Yes if you use your entire life savings expecting to become a millionaire overnight, No If you just listen to us and we guide you how to do cryptos the smart way without investing your life savings. We do Not require you to invest in any of the services we offer you Investment is your choice and you are responsible for any gains or losses.

Is Crypto Currency Mining Exchanging Legal?
Yes it is Legal but you should also read or get info about it in your country Taxation mainly look at how to claim it and so on for tax purposes.

Do You guys have a Referral or Affiliate System in Place Yes we do and No we do Not.

Our Referral System and Or Affiliate System, in our Faucet Area you can gain Referrals You not us, remember we are a service Provider showing you how to do things to be Prosperous in Crypto Currency, Secondly if you point people to other services Like CPU GPU Hardware Mining that is a win win for you More Machines mean more Mining Power on our Pools which means more Payout for you and everyone even the person you showed this too. Exchange the more you use the exchange the more you are going to love it its secure safest exchange on the planet its literal hack proof due to the reason no API's or withdraws done automatically it is done by trained professional human beings to handle your Exchange like a Bank Teller. And Cloud Mining is a Popbank.ca Service, that we offer you to Grow in Mining Power a little more power never hurts when it comes to mining crypto Currency, So Yes and No we do have a Service that offers you a chance to gain when you refer someone to us, So go tell your Family Friends colleagues to join Popbank.ca get them mining with there CPU ( laptop desktop, server work stations and even mining GPU rigs challenge them see how they fare out and what they like or dilike get feedback. We are willing to help and work with you and them big miner rigs as we are trying to suit you and your coin needs. Leave some feedback here at lamoia100@hotmail.com and we will respond to you. Mainly have fun with this service we provide and get more active with it, create a simple printout of popbank.ca business card or flyer hand it out to people it is not hard to get people motivated and excited. Teach them what you know how simple it is to mine and get rewarded crypto coins through our CPU GPU hardware mining and crypto club the place where we teach you Faucets and how to grow in crypto. 

Support Contact Email


Do you have any further questions Concerns or Problems Contact us 

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Lamoia's Golden Oldies: a Collection of simple Videos from some of the greats Enjoy.

Crypto Club Miner
​Learn How you to can Secure Crypto Coins Free with Crypto Club

Before you start this Miner Please decrease threads to at least half what it says, then scroll down and click Start Button, You are Mining For Crypto Club Members. To become a member or to belong to the Mining Poll of PopBank.ca please go to CPU Mining.

Input the Following Wallet.


​Attune Threads and Click the Big Start Button at the Bottom of the Miner.

And You Are Mining ByteCoin BCN You must keep this Page Open if you want to learn more about Mining and Other Crypto Coins you Can Mine Please Come over to Crypto Club and Mine More Coins with your Devices, all Coin Miners on Crypto Club mine on one Pool Called a Profit Sharing Pool more Miners more coins Faster Payouts... Have Fun with this Miner and Thank You from Crypto Club Members.

ByteCoin or BCN

Is a Not a Traceable Digital Currency or Crypto Coin.

If you want to learn more about Bytecoin BCN Come over to the Crypto Club where the Power of your Devices - Desktop Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet can earn you Crypto 

Currency which can be traded up for $$$$.$$ all you have to do is read along become a member and join a Community of Hard Working People. Ha, No but the community is real the devices do the work all you do is sit back and collect the rewards. Crypto Mining is Legal And you should Check with your Tax Laws how to claim it Thank You.

​As it simply amazes me how many people have heard the name BitCoin and seen how it rises and falls and yet they know nothing about Crypto Currency. This site is to educate you the novice to the most advanced, Okay so we are not doing anything different then most Advanced Crypto Experts have been doing in the past 9 years or so, but we do one thing different No Fees. We do not own the Pools the miners point to nope we do not even have referral or affiliation with them not at all. But all our services on this site are free, yes we do not charge you a thing for mining on our site.

This is another Crypto Coin Mining Platform we use, simply sign in with your account information and use the miner to mine some Free Tokens.

​If you want to lean more about the mining platforms and or want to grab some free coins to boost the accounts we suggest you come join us at the Crypto Club. Which is found at the top of this page in the menu.