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or bitchcoin

We are Pleased
to present you
Created on Feb14,2017
copyright 2017 all rights reseved

What is BitchCoin
it is the Future in Crypto Currency
And this Coin is a Full POS Coin
at 25% APR Annually

You May Ask why the Name Bitchcoin well it is simply really anyone with any exeperience in crypto currency knows it can be a real Bitch to know what coin to hold, let alone purchase to trade or even mine. As Crypto currency can be a real challenge and its the nature of the beast. We chose the name BitchCoin to represent our previous protcessors mainly the king coin Bitcoin. No we are not competing in anyway to Bitcoin that is not what BitchCoin is about or for but it will be a well known coin simply due to our approach. Unlike most coins in the crypto world BitchCoin is unique it is designed to bring you reward again and again and it will be a very easy coin to collect and let it Stake - a stake is making interest in the wallet as the wallet gains interest you make money as long as the wallet is up it will reward you a POS Stake again and again providing you have BitchCoin in the Wallet.

Let us get started on Bitch and we will then describe a few things many of you new people do not know and you pros will be excited about as we discuss along what bitch purpos eis and how easy it is to impliment into your day to day lives. For those Merchants E commerce type and Service people you want this coin as well as it will help you many times over and on the way bring a crypto into your day to day Business operations so easy and so effortlessly.
Therfore no matter if your a New to Cryptos or even a Pro, a Merchant amd or even a Web Developer Exchange we make it simple to get the necessary tools and resources to BitchCoin so you can begin to accept Bitch Everywhere. The wallet source here is to hold BitchCoin not to Stake or Pos it that will be shown to follow. This is Wallet and source tools only though if you are hoping to POS or Stake Bitchcoin for yourself you will still need the wallet. and the next step you will be shown how to set up Bitchcoin to make it stake.
Wallet for Windows
Wallet for Linux
Bitch Source
Bitch Linux Daemon

Staking Configuration to POS BitchCoin in your Wallet

This section teaches you how to get BitchCoin to stake or POS = make interest in your wallet for the Bitch Coin you hold there. And why we use this to gaina 25% Annual interest on the coins we hold truth as your coins gain weight in the chain. You simply just do this, get a notepad open

Copy Paste this to the Notepad.

rpcuser=yourname or username Businessname = walmart, not wal mart no spacing
rpcpassword=dosn't have to be difficult can be simple or like walmart1

then click File top left of notepad Save As


then change txt to All files

and then paste this like this c:/user/user/AppData/Roaming/Save it here.

Then simply close the wallet off and restart it back up

We will add any node to this configuration if you wish to participate in the chain service by hosting a Node for BitchCoin grab the Daemon Linux and email us if you run into any Problems. we help you out at  state topic BitchCoin Node Hosting -content what you need.


Let us talk a little about BitchCoin and why we created this coin and what makes it unique and different from other crypto Currencies and why you should carry or have BitchCoin in your wallet.

BitchCoin was made to help you the everyday person deal with a coin on the day to day tradings and dealings online not just as a payment gateway but helps you get started in a Crypto currency unlike previous coins with changing markets of up and down and really only there word to go on it will rise it will rise you just got to have faith and only a few coins really have risen in the past year to be somewhat sustainable Bitch has no problem in rising it is made under a influence of a crypto chain like that of BitCoin or BTC. The difference with Bitchcoin and that of Bitcoin is simple BitchCoin is based on a real world currency CAD or Canadian DOllar. yep it is based exactly to the value of a Candian Dollar 1 BitchCoin equals 1 Canadian Dollar.
Therfore BitchCoin or BTCH makes its day view as one of the strongest POS coins in the Crypto world as it represents itself in the Crypto world as 1 CAD per coin even though the coin itself is 1.0000 shown in wallets you as well as Merchants and Services can pick up a wallet of BTCH BitchCOin and begin charging Candian Dollars in your Market place either it be in real world or in E Commerce the Bitch is Accepted Here reviloution begins now and it is a coin that is Accepted on this site in purchasing services membership and of course Shop Items.  Therfore we make it free for Merchants to Obtain BitchCoin to do day to day trades with as we offer the coin to Merchants and you and we even accept purchasing the coin back from Merchants and you on a day to day business trade. This makes BitchCoin one of the most Elite coins you ever own in your wallet and allow you to easy configure its worth in real world currency as 1 coin equals CAD. We do this simply by way of exchange. where you get to buy and sell the coin for other coin value or real Currency either it be CAD itself GBP USD Euro ASD or what have you we can exchange the coin to different values of currency. This is one of the crucial ingrediants of any successful coin Bringing you the most Powerful Crypto POS coin in the Crypto World Today.
BitchCoin future as we are based on CAD mainly we can see that BitchCoin will project into a new wave of how people view and altar there exsisting coins into the Harmonix of BitchCoin where they can rely on a coin to be of its worth again and again they will slowly cross over and convert. as Cryptos do not rule the world and do not threaten standard currency they can be confussing to most and risky in a lot of the cases but Bitch has no Risk involved it is a simple coin turning over a mild profit margin of 25% annually as it stakes in your wallet it isa coin that will continue to become known and more and more famous for now and for many years to come.
Fun Facts About Bitch Coin

BitchCoin can be converted into PayPal Perfect Money and Payeer payment gateways, as well as Bitcoin Litecoin DashCoin  Etherium and even DotCoin as well as other Alt Coins.

With 4,242,424 Coins in Circulation on the BitchChain we offer the Coin in several ways to pick them up in 10 BitchCoin Package, 100 BitchCoin Package and 1,000 BitchCoin Package.

We currently sell Bitchcoin items in our storefront so you can show off your New investment and be proud you belong to the BitchCoin Movment as you are making 25% Annually on the BitchCoin in your wallet.

We are here to help you with anything related to BitchCoin as a free service to you to help you launch your campaign in the area of development and accepting BitchCoin as a payment way to your Business either it be in real world and or that of Online.

The BitchCoin has many neat things in the wallet to discover and we even give she Angels and She Devil Icons to help you Picture graph and find your way the most easiest Coin to navigate through and understand in the Crypto World is BitchCoin.

Keep in Mind if you stake POS BitchCoin it is not a money making scheme no you will not get rich overnight with BitchCoin BTCH is a investment source which you may use to earn interest through Stake POS of coins held in your wallet they earn 25% Interest Yearly and gain interest based on the wallets coin Balance weight of the coins held against the Network Weight aka a Percentage your coins make everytime they Stake.  Packages to buy the coin are in place and the price of these packages can and more then likely will go up as the coin becomes more famous the coin itself is worth 1 cad each.


Our BitchChain is unique as we know those who know about cryptos will love this aspect about our chain, simply in terms anyone that holds the wallet on a live powered computer or laptop notebook is part of the chain. This brings security to the chain as it helps the chain become more stable in faster connections as well as faster syncranized times. your wallet must be syncrazied in order to do any transactions with it meaning sending coin or even receiving coin and or even Staking Coin or POS. So our wallets are more fast more stable then most altcoins out there as we build a network of connectablitlty global market to all merchants and services to the Bitch Chain Line of ongoing day to day trades.


Bitchcoin like many POS Coins is a Stakable Coin which means if you download the coin and do the Notepad Config File you can get your coins Staking or POsing basically earning Interest for every block it fines it gets a reward of Interest. Our Bitch Coin is sort of like the rest When Bitch is in Staking Mode you will see this Icon on your Wallet               which means you did the configuration Notepad right and managed to get a Staking wallet instead of a Buy Sell Holding wallet which is a good idea to have as well for merchants and services as well as the famous Stake or POS Wallet. No in a Holding Wallet without this symbol the coin will not give Interest the Holding wallet is more for ongoing sales of Buying and selling BitchCoin like a spendable wallet. The POS Wallet however is the wallet that will make you 25% Interest yearly. If you take your Mouse and hover over this icon on the bottom left it will show you your coins weight on the BitchChain or Network. this is your coins Maturity as it gains weight in the wallet it will reward you with higher amounts of Bitches. With the She Angel and She Devil in the bottom right corner of the Wallet this is what we call Bitchin in the wallet aka POS it is making you money why you work rest play. Just Like a Mutual Fund for those who can better wrap there heads around that.
Fake Bitches or Blocks

BitchCoin is a coin that rewards 10 coins per Block this means for every Block found you are given a percentage of that block reward based on amount of coins you have in your wallet and the overall weight or maturity of your coins in the wallet meaning the longer you keep your coins in the wallet and do not spend them the more they will earn per block reward. a Block takes anywhere around 12 minutes to 1 minute to complete depends on the chain and connectivity. the difficulty of the block reward is very light meaning it is very easy to get through blocks to gain interest on the coin. So making money with BitchCoin is as easy as counting it. We are aware that there is other BitchCoins out there but this is the only BitchCoin that has a soul purpose it is a Alt COin that is Unique and is made for everyday use in buying selling as well as hording to make money in day to day trades and interest investments. Have fun with this coin and support it in the ways we provide represent the coin as it was part of you and carry it with Pride as BitchCoin is the worlds coin.