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Okay now that you are ready to mine and setup Bitcoin Mining lets start you out about signing up first  just click the button and sign up.

It free to sign up and easy to do, once you are signed up you simply sign up to the site, you will soon learn that mining BitCoin is not easy and will take you a long while to mine it but it is possible none the less to gain if you put people to your site, the technigue is simple simply direct them to this page.. by copy pasting the url to them that was hard huh. this will allow them to help you out for a few short moments of time and allow them to sign up as well no there is no referral program to any of this what it is is teaching someone about cryptos as a crypto ambassador you simply allow other people to mine cons just like i taught you anyne can do it. you can even be creative and creat a web page aspect to help things out for charity or fund raising using your page. it is very simple to do. As you can see it is not hard to mine BTC or any of the coins we share with you all you have to be is taught but after awhile we will even teach you more and more till you eventually start making money a day and it cost you nothing but your time.

You can direct any computer that is hooked up online to this page, and you can even direct other devices that use Internet as long as they have a CPU or Processor in them, this form of mining is called Browser Mining which is perfectly legal but we make it more conviant then ever. 

Reason why we make it conviant is this we offer you a chance to make more BTC trhen most do as many people do browser mining they do not know some of the perks to it. We provide you the Perks as well as the miner and this is how we do it. Since you now belong to the Mining Site we give you a chance to look around it and as well give you a chance now to make a big splash on the scene. Picture it you can incoroporate people to your mining page thats right, and you can now even more then ever earn a little power by doing so. The web Browser miner works automatically when someone  goes to the page, can you imagine the posibiities. well here I am going to help you out and give you some neat tools to help you boost your power thats right at no cost to you.  

you do not need a web Page you do not have to spend a dime and you do not need to throw a year or more of money into a product that may or may not make you a cent this works and as you sign up login and do a password don't forget to 2FA your account through your cell phone to protect your money. this helps out a lot. 

Okay so your goal right here is to make 0.00100000 m/BTC or 100,000 Satoshi 

why so little to help you start in the other program why of course that is free. your gonna be so excited and can't wait to tell the world about what you found a money tree in todays most fast paced market the best sound investment in the last 10 years and it is absolutley free no strings attached no gimicks no costs. 

why you may ask? Why Not i answer i was given the oppurunity for years now to learn about cryptos to mine them in many forms and to mine cryptos can be very frustrating and a lot of hard work. I am showing you and teaching you as well as guiding you how to do it the easy way and make money at it hands down you can not fail in this ever. It cost you nothing but a moment of setup and time and that is it.

See told you it was easy and we even give you tools to Boost your overall hashing power each day without you spending a dime from your pocket, if you want to spend money go ahead you do not have too at all. I rather see you invest in a crypto i will show you to invest in then you throw money at the Hash Power needed to reach 100,000 Satoshi. In Fact 100,000.00 Satoshi is just such a small price to aim for you can repeat it again and again and that my dear friend is putting a sound investment in the bank again and again rather then spending money out the door.

Okay so let us begin this is step one Mining 

You am is to get to 100,000 Satoshi or 0.00100000 BTC. 

Sign Up
Okay So now you see 4 BitCoin Miners and 2 Coin Pot Token Miners what are they actual Miners they are Web Browser Miners that are Physically Right Now Mining Coins. So How do you Mine coins again we have to set them up.

These Miners are Mine by the way this is to help you illustrate the power of web pages and how you can and I will allow you to setup your own Miners through my WebPage all you have to do is set them up. 1 cpu or Comptuer Processor equals 2 threads, if you want to try and mine more then one miner keep the cp[u usage low, and minimum 1 thread to increase mining power increase threads Note you should never exceed the cpu usage of your comptuer and always half the power of your cpu usage in threads.

​To see this in action go to the Mining platform on our site this is where you get to login and setup your own miner. Remeber BTC BitCoin Gola you are trying to reach make sure to look at Tools Section in Our Own Miners and as well try to make it to step 2

Once you reach Step 2 you are on your way to making money a day USD. and that is only the beginning of this adventure for you. You can not get rich quick no Crypto like anyhting else takes time to build but like all investment portfolios they will eventually turn your hard work into Dollars and a Paying Machine Daily all you need to do is just follow my Steps and advice and i will show you the way.

Mining Platform