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Welcome to one of the most known cryptos and since it is so small it is usually overlooked the small part is that it is small in value, but do not let that fool you in anyway. This coin is so simple to accumolate and yet is widely used by myself to purchase other coin interests that yeild me value in dollars each day. If you are ready click the button to begin.

DogeCoin is the most non favoured coin by crypto traders even though if you have a stock hold of Doge it can be very Favourable and Profitable to you as you can accumulate Doge Coin and sell when the price peeks for it twice a year. Making Doge a very valuable coin after all. 

You will need to accumulat 500 Doge as a goal to move to the next step.

Simple Right
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Wow right as you can see i am giving you many Doge Miners and only 1 token miner, the reason for this is simple DOGE coin is easy to mine and holds a Value for our Programs but here is the simple Part you only use half the doge coins you mine in the Program and you keep the rest. 

Okay CPU Power every computer or device has a CPU this the power or the brain of the computer a processor, the cpu Processor is important as each cpu Processor hold 2 threads. In this insteance do not increase the cpu Power keep it low and increase the thread on the miners do them one at a time as they will slow down your computer or device. You already know to invite family or friends to the page to boost your mining capability. 

Once you reach 500 Doge Coins move onto step 2
Now you are ready to setup your own miners simply click the button below to go to your Mning Platform and adjust the miners that you want you can pause them to stop them mining and so on adjust them to suit your needs.
Mining Platform