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A Place You Can Belong Too

Welcome to those New to Movies Plus

First off I like to say welcome to you and may your stay with Movies Plus be a comforting one. In the few Pages you will learn all about what Movies Plus is and you will find a place you can belong too. Movies Plus is a App Driven base Site brought to you by Movies Plus Staff hard working individuals that aim to bring you the most controversal VOD Video On Demand site of this time. And Unlike other sites it has a Community Base that brings exciting new avenues and features to you personaly and business alike. These features are part of the Movie Plus hard work and devotion that offers you the individual a certainty of Comfort and security. We at Movies Plus even the Distrubutors of the Project have worked hard offering you a Site unlike any other. The Apps we use within the site let you control the Movies Plus community to set up your own personal VOD. WOw right yes we do that we give you the right to altar the content a little but supply you the library of Movies Short Film News Local and World, Pod Casts Music MP3's and much much more. You be amazed at what we offer and exactly what we have, great for home entertainment, personal use, Business Use Teaching aids and so much it will simply blow your mind. 
Let us share with you how this all works and what Movies Plus Is exactly about.

The Idea

First off I like to tell you the History of the site, And How It became what it is, Awhile ago i decided i wanted to allow people to view or to share my library and witht hat notion i remember the golden days before netflix or blockbuster where you go to a movie rental place and rent a movie for a night and return it the next day, And I remember back then it was hard to get the new releases and they eventually came out with reserving the movie and so on.This did not stop people from going to movie theaters at all if a person wants to see a movie they'll go to the movie theaters, mind you since the online experience came about the seats in these big theaters have dropped eventually they will no longer be there. Now you may know what i am talking about here and maybe some of you can recall this or have been there picking out a movie can take hours, yes it can and the movie rental places were huge, not carrying one hundred copies of the new release at all no they had like three that was a movie rental place. So chances of getting that movie was pretty slim. Then cable networks began to do Pay Per View and eventually when BlockBuster took the scene and netflix they began to do VOD Video On Demand. All these places were very limited, and though we took the time to pay a rediculous price to get entertainment we still paid it. Just so we could watch the movie or show we wanted too. So my entire idea was this why not create a VOD Video On Demand Site, but instead of just Movies and tv Garp shows make it more and build a Library along with a community and give a little more freedom to the member that signs up with us. Oh the Possibilities at that time of the idea was endless not to mention a little more off the book shelf. How to do this i thought how to juggle it all up into a work in progress aspect how was I alone going to do this and putup my Movie Music Library. Okay now i got looking at other sites and after 32 attempts on the google online attempt and wipping my computer over and over from maleware and viruses i was at a stand still. to date no one offered a simple solution a program would have to be written from scratch. And again that was a impossible task at hand how do you write a susficitcated program like that and still keep your marbles about you in the end, the cost alone would be through the roof and it would take a devolpment team of coders and so forth years to come up with a program not to mention a cloud aspect that works on devices so you could play it all.

By Now you are probably screaming at me PLEX just use PLEX and you are right i found it by error, and luck would have it it was a Application i could mold and build onSo by using the Plex app and a few Apps we now Have Movies Plus. And since then we have given Movies Plus a face lift yes what that means is a new perspective, each little while we keep upgrading the Library, it takes time and man hours to keep adding things to the library, and it is grueling but worth it no matter what. I spent a great deal of thouhgt about this to offer you the greatest community you'll ever find online when it comes to Movies Tv Shows, Music and a few other neat things you never seen before on a Entertainment site, but we will get into that a little later on. So before you go on and say like most sites in the world you want money upfront yes you are right but let me see if you dollar a month is worth my time as well as yours. We are unlike other sites and you will see why in a short while. And you begin to lov eus and understand that we are not just like any other site out there we are a true VOD Video On Demand Site and offer you only the best in picture quality and in sound.

Plex App

The Plex App Cost Money - Yes it does if you want all the features of the Plex App, No If you just want to watch or listen too the music and so forth of Movies Plus. Okay let me be perfectly clear here PLEX APP cost money if you want all Plex Features meaning download a tweak it the way you want it with podcasts News Live TV support and so on, But Movies Plus can be run on PLEX APP Free all you need to do follow the invite link you are given to the Movies Plus Application and the Lirary of your dreams will open before your eyes along with some neat features built right into Movies Plus that PLEX or any other web site do not offer. You heard it right it is the most entertainment ever in one package and by using the PLEX App it comes to life before your eyes either you already belong to PLEX or not the invite works but you will only ever get this exclusive site through a invite the complete Library of Movies Plus.  with that being said we only host the server on Plex and before you think your 40 TB or 80 BT storage space is your PLEX server you see things on Movies Plus you can only dream about as we hold the VOD Library of Movies TV Shows Music Mp3's and much much more. As we are a Server servers company. Endless possibilities of Movies Tv Programs Music and so so much more. all you need to be is a Movies Plus Memebr and the entire world will open before your eyes. Why Movies Plus ? Why Not! we offer you the best and only the best at a rate you can afford. Now before you wonder Plex you can upgrade your plex service and tweak Plex the way you want it, but you do not need to be upgraded to run Movies Plus. Watch what you want at anytime free through the invite and it is that simple.

​Movies Plus Bringing Movies Home

We have all seen it we all have heard it before we have been to programs and seen sites that say they offer you the most but do they?  How many Movie sites have you been too scroll countless moments of quality time trying to find a movie or tv show to find they do not have it, or it is a copy that was ripped off the net, no quality the movie or Tv is incomplete or even worse it was a pirated version that has watermarks and advertisments of a website through the viewing. CopyRight is that Copyright and should not be taken lightly as we are a VOD Host Provider for many Compnaies that use our Data Base of Movies Tv's and Music and so forth we are so familiar with cpyright laws and how a simple copyright law can effect you consiquintly. It is why we are the best choice when it comes to quality viewing and by using the plex application and the Movie Plus Library you now do not have to download a thing and do not need to worry abut it dissapearing the movie tv show or mp3 will always be there for you to enjoy anywhere you go as long as you are a Movies Plus Member. Whatmore could you ever ask for creating playlists creating favourites rating movies and having the site show you other movies similar you may want to watch. No where else are we more intuned to you then you yourself as we cator to your entertainment needs. Not Computer savey you say well why not go the distence and get a box that is right get a box fully custom made for you we can make a box for your needs though these do not come cheap they are great for TV people. the box is not a android or hulu or roko box no it is a DVR box. it is designed to plug and play no hard work involved simply connect the wires and it is on showing you Plex - Movies plus complete Library, and cool thing about the Box it is a one time paymnet no more paying monthly you are a official Movies plus Member. The Box is done by request and takes a little time to program and set up as we do it for you and then we ship it to you. The Box overall is a value package and great for those that are not computer savvey a simple connect the wires that are marked with tape and simple instructions in english and that is all there is too it. The box is described further on and how it works and what the basic requirments are to hook up the box and other neat features about the Box and PLEX and Movies Plus that you may want to endulge yourself into. We offer you convience and stress free as you learn from us how to make the best experience out of everything we offer. Movies Plus is a band name you be proud to have in your home, with a long line of brandnames that come packed inside. The Movies Plus experience is just like that of a movie date each and everytime, no other site nor pace offers you this exclusive package other then Movies Plus without the heavty charges that come with this sort of package.
You will simply Love Movies Plus that you will talk about it forever with people that are not with us. DId you know that Movies Plus was thought up by a advette movie watcher, did you know that it has taken years to collect the movie data library let alone the tv program library, the music library is a DJ's dream and there is DJ's that use Movies Plus Library for a fee to use for events they host too. imagine not having to carry huge amounts of cd's and or memory sticks to those functions and events only need a solid connection to internet through a laptop and you got a library at your fingertips. as Movies Plus library is one of the most complete Libraries of its time in Music alone. You have hours literally of entertainment and hours again o f joy, with Movies Plus we offer you more then you ever expect and we built a community with it.  We look forward from memebrs of movies plus to contact us as we handle issues you may have and try to resolve the issues as fast as possible if you have internet connection you must have Movies Plus, commercial free ad free no having to wait for advertising popup sites to load to harm your comptuer, no more trying to find a movie in a long list of tiny names real posters of the movie appear, a complete search yes you heard it a complete search not sure of the movies name, but know a actor that stars in it search the actor the movie will pop up. That is as simple as it is search the artist or actor and you will unlock every work they ever done and the library will pop up every piece of work they ever did or were apart of. No where lese can you get that type of quality, and there is more yes you heard it more, you can be a critic yep you can score out of 5 stars write reviews and be part f the Movies Plus community how is that for being a VOD Video On Demand Site, the world is at your finger tips with Movies Plus and we did it all in one site using one App and a Data Library like no other.

​Movies Plus

Movies Plus is a VOD Video On Demand, through invite you get exclusive package to Movies Plus via Sign Up. At Sign Up you will Pay $6.00 USD Initial Payment to become a Movies Plus Member after that $1.00 USD a month for as long as you want there is no Contract No Hidden Fees all Taxes are Included within the Price. What are you waiting for Join right now and unlock the Data Movie Tv SHow Music MP# and much Much more through Movies Plus, become exactly what you want be a partcipant in the Movies Plus COmmunity or just sit back and enjoy the entertainment we provide you for a Dollar a month. No One and I mean No One offers you this anywhere else as you should be aware by now nothing in the world is free unless it is illegal. No Contract No hidden costs or price hikes 1 dollar a month after initial payment of $6.00 USD to initiate your membership it is that simple. 

I am not computer Savvey i do not know hw to run a computer but i know how to do my email. If you can fill out a simple form on a email then you can go to the Movies Plus Box. Thats right once you pay the initial amount of the Box and setup we take care of the rest meaning we set up movies plus. All you have to do is fillout the email and pay the paymnet after that one dollar a month and there is no hassel or extreme waiting. We will rush ship you your Movies Plus Box. with instructions how to install it to your tv. and there is more behind this box then you can possibly dream as a gift the box also works with other devices the invite to movies plus is geniune meaning we tagged your email and you can now and forever as long as you are a movies plus member log into your account on any device that you can get your email on.  Box is $600.00 a value of $1,895.00 USD and after that $1.00 a month no hidden fees.
Movies Plus Members get exclusive access, we have a community built and all you have to do is join in, You want more we all do yep we all want more in life and it is why we work hard to give you more. As a Member each month you gain access to the community, and you get access to things like movie pass and the show pass these are movie and concert plasses that you are a part of there is the exclusive holiday pass again as a member you are entered automatically. And lastly we do other neat sweepstakes in the community that award cash prizes and gifts. No other site gives you this and no other site will as they are companies only worried about making huge dollars and movie plus is about entertainment and community and mostly you the member. Free stuff along with a Movie Library VOD Tv SHows Music and more WOW we are the best at what we do.

Sign Up To Movies Plus

Sign Up to Movies Plus is as easy as 1 2 3 there is no real big thing about it at all.

The sign up you do is like emailing a friend a few details nothing to personal. all we ask is that you take the time to email us and we will send you a pass link to Movies Plus Link or if you want or require a Box state it Movies Plus Box instead of Link.

send a email too

in the email Subject Movies Plus

in the letter or description content of the email put

Full name - first middle (s) last

Email -paypal email is best

Country -country you live in

Nearest City - closest city to you or you live in

and that is it, 

we require the above so we have a name to you and not a number, we require the email you want movies plus sent too, and require Country so we know where you are in this great big world of ours, Nearest City is required as it tells us how strong our signal is and if we can look up and see if there is any problems with the signal in your area if needing technical support.

after sign up you be emailed back and a reprsentative will contact you via through the email as it is this site support email. and they are a Movies Plus Distributor. they will give you links and instructions simple enough. 

I hope you enjoy Movies Plus and i hope to be able to  speak to you shortly in the community.

​Sign Up Recap

Send a email to  - state subject movies plus link or movies plus box, fillin your full name, email to PayPal, country, City Nearest too  or living in, and wait for a response, after you follow the response email you be given another email and in that email you be given your movies plus details and you be on your way to Movies Plus.

Note if you sing up now great the data Base is getting a face lift meaning the data base has moved and is more secure then ever before, it is also being populated with movies music and tv shows. but once it is complete you will have hours of entertainment at your dissposal even right now i bet there is a movie or mp3 or tv show you can watch and enjoy. the entire library takes time to move and time to set up we work around the clock to offer you this exclusive data base and more so even to bring to you hours of enjoymnet. No more quessing on sites with library's no more confussion just go to the magnifying glass and type the movie name year or a actor or actress the artist and the entire library is then searched any reference to this search will appear. it is that simple.

Movies Plus

I can not express this enough, we at movies plus do not like duplication no even though the movie title may fall under certain generas we only list it in one, unless it is a New Release and or one of our other catagories that are special. The aspect of the search area comes in way handy but maybe you like to surf then by all means you will surf through pages of movies and you if a advat movie watcher will see dozens to thousands of movie titles and posters that you watched and loved, there right there all you have to do is grab some popcorn sit and relax and enjoy them all over again this time with theater attributes. of Wide screen high resolution HD and Stereo surround sound 5.1 the aspects of Movies Plus is better then any other online site because every thing you watch either it be a Movie or tv show they are all HD with stero surround sound 5.1 and even the music is this way in sound and quality. This site was built with you in mind our dedicated team and staff are working hard daily to bring to you the most beautiful quality you could ever imagine and more then what your dollars worth is for monthly.

Promotion Plan

Exclusive Offer - Sign Up today and pay only .50 USD a month for as long as you wish to be a Movies Plus Memebr. That is right the first and far most of 100,000 Memebrs that sign up right now will pay $6.00 one time , and there after $.50 USD a month for as long as they are a Movies Plus Member. No where else will you get this exclusive deal no one else but Movies Plus can offer this to the first 100,000 customers right now the clock is ticking and more and more people are signing up and you are wasting time to decide. They Join the worlds best VOD library on the planet and watch Movies Tv Shows listen to Music and More. and your waiting. This time yesterday why you read this 912 people signed up and today the number will increase. as More and More people sign up the offer is limited only 100,000 members will pay $0.50 USD a month to continue to watch Movies TV SHows and Music and once this Promotion is gone it is gone you pay $1.00 a month 

Do Not wait Sign Up while we get the Library Back for you and continue with the move and you get a half off exclusive Promotion Offer to Movies Plus as long as you are a Movies Plus Member continue to receive the best of Movies Plus again and again. And Still receive all the benefits of the $1.00 USD a Month Member receives. this is a exclusive Promotion Offer from Movies Plus. and though there are many sites out there no one is like Movies Plus but we understand if you do not change your habbits but wait till your family and freinds start talking about Movies Plus and you be wondering as to why you did not JOIN while it was %0.50 cents a month for as long as you are a Movies Plus Member.
Paid Membership Extras