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Want to watch Movies Join Movies Plus, for $6.00 CAD a Month help us Build the Worlds first commercial Ad free Movie web Library that will blow your mind.

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Hello and welcome to the Movies PLus section of our site.

As i started out awhile ago to create this project it never really took off due to it always being held back lack of software and all that and almost impossible back then to compete against the huge sites.

Okay with that said now we got it we have the software we have the means and the drive, what we need now is more hardware.

The Movie Plus program in theory is free. Though you do not get much as free member, but we allow you to try it free.

The Program though does cost me money the site, the software, the hardware how much hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Our mission to offer you a beautiful experience our price is commitment to offer you the best in Movies Plus.
Simply send a email to
State i would like to join in the Movie Plus Program and state your full name first and last,
your email becomes the account of Movies Plus.

You will receive a invite after we confirm your payment is processed to your email, accept the invite and you can then download the App to all your devices.
Allowing you to take Movies Plus with you where ever you go and able to Movies Plus on all your devices. The App is free only upgrade the App if you like but you do not have too.

Why do we charge you $6.00 CAD a MONTH well yes no here we charge you a flat fee the fee is so we ca pay for the all to familar expense of cloud site network, which keeps excelling, what your fee pays for is best quality in Movies, TV Shows, MP3 Music, and Music Videos in Hardware, Software and Cloud Hosting along with storage. The webs largest Library if you do not belong to Movies Plus you have no idea what you are missing.

We are not like Netflix, meaning we have a extensive Library of movies way back since 1920, we have foreign films as well as todays Hollywood features, Cable Satalite as well as Netflix Hulu and any other site is out of date compared to Movies Plus PPV is out o date usually we can release the Movie before PPV receives it in Perfect Picture Quality and sound. Never again Pay High fees for Movies Enetertainment as we off er the best in Movie Tv Shows Music MP3 and Music Videos on the web best of all Ad Free Commercial free. For the One time fee you receive full access to the Movies Plus Library, and for a additional Fee full access to the Movies Plus Adult Entertainment Package. Yep one stop Fee never have to wrry about paying again just one stop shop.
Never have to worry about PPV or ever have to worry about wanting to see movies ad free commercial free as we offer you the best movies all in brillant HD quality stereo surround sound 5.1, and able to work on any device you can if your have a smart tv or device hooked up to your box watch this on your tv, and great news even use your devices like cell phone for that feature as a remote control. you are simply gonna love this Movie Plus program and we offer it to you to help us grow and expand it as well support us in the new official Crypto Coin of this site. This is for entertainment purposes only and more to come once again we offer you simply the best and expect only smiles and satisfaction on this program.


Documentary & Biography
Hero DC Marvel Other
Plus Many More even Archive Movies

Muisc Videos


Adult Entertainment
Lifetime Membership Price Pay Now

For the Movies Plus Lifetime Membership a One time Payment of $56.00 CAD

to add the Adult Entertainment Package a One Time Paymnet of $108.00 CAD

We accept Visa Mastercard ECheck other Credit Cards and Debit Cards, through PayPal

Note: to those who wish to try and Scam our PAYPAL is Protected meaning if you try and Dispute or get a refund through PayPal without our Permission Good Luck the agreement is that you Bought this Service. We are not selling you a Product but a Service.. which is None Refundable by PayPal. Even if you Do Submit a Despute you will not see refund as you accpet the terms of our Service once you Purchase the Package we offer you.

It is called a service Contract if you have any Problems and require a refund you have 5 days to contact us through support in which we will refund you your money but after that 5 Day after we receive full Payment and it has Cleared we do not give back refunds as the Money was put to use to expand and Grow the Service we Provide.

Movie Plus Package
Adult Entertainment Package