This Site is Designed to help you make Crypto Coins like BitCoin LiteCoin and DogeCoin Free, you are given a walk through in Our Own Site Miners

Come Join Us and Grow your Crypto Currency Free through Our Own Site Miners as well learn other useful sites that are tested and paying. All Free we do nt want your Money or your Crypto Coins ever. Let us boost your earnings of Crypto Coins through Our Own Site Miners learn cool games along the way become part of our Community and Follow us Chat and learn more and more about the crypto currency World. 
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Welcome to our Own Site Miners, these are free Mining in the Cloud Miners they cost you nothing to do but run one two or three or them all how do they work simple they run off your comptuer as freeware mining

We done the hardwork for you all you need to do is pick a coin you want to mine meaning click the picture of the coin above the box set up a account 

Then let the miners work for you

To Up the gain add computers to the webpage

and you can even add devices as well

this will help you build and grow the coin you choosen 

Once you get enough coins we will teach you another cool trick to get you making more coin 

and to begin to make better money daily

each Coin has a limit amount of money you must earn before you can start making other money.

Coins you can Now Mine

BTC BitCoin
By Clicking the BitCoin Emblem and creating a account we allow you to mine BTC XBC or BitCoin through our site.

You simply click the button above and set up your computer, the mining hardware uses threads each CPU Processor of your computer or device equals 1 thread, we offer yu a additional resource this is credited directly to you and you will see your BTC grow through us, More Devices or Computers you have on the web page more BTC you make. invite friends and or family members to join in and build BTC.  

Each Coin Has a certain amount you must reach this is the goal amount. When you reach this goal amount scroll down to Step Two also Check out the tools to help you out in building the perfect Mining Program Free.
BCH BitCoinCash
DASH DashCoin
LTC LiteCoin
DOGE DogeCoin

Tools You'll Need

Now that you are learning to mine we will now give you some valuable tools, these tool sare tools inwhich we use on a day to day bases as they direct you to coin exchanges, to sell your coins into values and afterall the ability to buy and sell coins.. and even sell coins for money real USD value and or even to pick up a few coins in the Step 2 to help you build a daily revenue. This is very important overall as it helps you gain and a gain is good where you make money while you do other things in life and not have to invest single cent from your pocket.

The Tools in this area will help you direct and grow for the program so click the buttons and find the tools. 
Money Gateway
Earn Fast Coins

Step 2

First  Off I would Just like to say this to you directly thank you for holding confidence in my abilities to help you, as you may be wondering what is Step2 and how do you make money online other then with the top 5 coins in the world markets of exchange sites today you probably are thinking this is gonna cost me money. And in fact to asnwer that doubt yep you can make money online witht he top 5 crypto currencies that you are currently mining right now. Though does it cost you money from pocket to move to next step No. The simple reason is this i asked you to mine a certain amount of coins and once you done this you now are reay to begin the next step the reason for this is explained in the step and as i can only show you the walk through and teach you it is up to you to decide if you wish to go further. 

A Note for you though before you take this next step back in 2012 i began crypto currency i had followers right here on this site, back then i adviced my followers to collect Litecoin, Dashcoin back in the day Dash was worth around 12.00 USD, and LiteCOin was around 5.00 USD, Jan 6th of 2018  Dash Reached 1,500.00 CDN, and LiteCoin reached 410.00 CDN h CDN is Candian Dollars sorry. Anywho as i am stating following my advice in coins is a gold mine and i teach you in this step how to do it. Remember crypto currency works in a way and us professional Crypto Enthusiasts know this. It is not for the day traders you see on the exchange it is not for the ones telling you in chat box buy this coin that is a scammer. Crypto currency is a knowledge and it is not a trick to knowledge but it does take some expereince and skill as to what to purchase and what not to purchase. Any altcoin can rise but sometimes the rise can take a long time, so you will learn from me what to expect and what you can do between now and then and how to generate a income daily a Physical income in Dollars a day that is exactly what i am teaching you. No you will not get rich overnight but if you follow my teaching you will soon learn how to generate a income daily and you will thank yourself you took the time to do so. 

Now that you are ready to learn something new and maybe you heard of it and or are or have done a little of it this will open your eyes to a brighter future. and by doing that you be in a second charge of a focus in life. If you are ready let us begin rememeber to use the tools above to help you generate coins  they are very important now for you to secure and grow and turn meger profits into dollars a day.

Simply Click the Button to begin

Moving Forward Step 2

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