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Welcome to our Own Site Miners, these are free Mining in the Cloud Miners they cost you nothing to do but run one two or three or them all how do they work simple they run off your comptuer as freeware mining and you do not need a account either to run them. When you start the miner you can adjust it yep you heard right let me explain this a little

Site Miner adjustments and what they mean ... Hashes is the amount of Hashes you have performed for every 100 Hashes you are paid by, so simply keep track of these and also put them up in the chat box below when you finish mining your name and you did example 66000 Hashes. always round down when recording hashes if you did 112,562 Hashes you put 112,500 in the chat box.

Total this is the Total amount of blocks you have mined on, though the blocks are not the custom cpu blocks as this is a browser block and it only skims the real blockchain picking up the pieces left over so it only earn little incriments of the blockchain rewards like fractions of it. it is why we pay by Hashes not Total...

Threads this is the amount of CPU's you have mining the Cpu is the amount of cpu miners that you are willing to mine with you can use all the cpu's and adjust the speed which will allow you to work undisturbed on the comp or device or get a little lag and run full strength CPU either way you will produce Hashes, this site works on any device meaning a tablet cell phone laptop netbook notebook, desktop, even a workstation or even a server. yes thats right many forms of devices can mine here free undisturbed.

Speed this is crucial to a degree, your device can mine at different speeds say you are running a movie or game you can reduce the speed which helps the game or movie perform right, so drop speed to 60 on the Thread this will provide you with enough resources to watch the movie or game without constant LAG. see mining online in the Cloud just got a whole lot easier and we provide you a large variety of mining tools that you can use.

FAQ no mining from this software will not destroy your device or burn it up if you notice your device getting hot you can reduce the threads and or speed this will help the device, always make sure to have appropriate fan solutions to maximize are flow, example a fan pad for device makes a huge difference on the device and should be used on the device anyways. You can get a usb fan or a plug in fan and run it on the device, turn the miners on maximum when comp is not in use to maximize more Hashes, Note if you never turn off your comp and mine hashes 24/7 and keep a record of hashes contributed to mining it is okay you do not need to do the math we will keep a accurate amount of hashes you did that day.

Hash Count- yes hash count can affect day to day depending on server of the miners, as well as your overall power and internet provider, note wifi or blue tooth technologies mine at a lower hashrate then landline DSL ethernet connections. keep that in mind but you will make, if you are seeing low Hashes then reduce the miners meaning do not mine hard hash cores like BTC keep to lower hashes like DOGE LITE Monero they mine a little more easier.

Payout happens every Tuesday yep every Tuesday for all the hashes you did in that coin you will be paid via Cryptopia it is why you need to have same username we will pay you via transfer to reduce the fee.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask but start up your miners and have fun making some coins as well Know that each coin base you generate you are paid. the overall is to make a coin base will take trillions of Hash so no worry we are not near that level yet. we will keep and try to offer exciting new miners as they appear and come about the most effective active miners online with no fees to withdraw only found here at, invite friends and family get them involved and they too can mine and make some coins as well.

How Much can you mine, Please use the general chat above to discuss things keep the chat below for Miner Hashes only to report thank you.
Comming Soon