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Moving Forward Step 2

I would like to say Congrates on attempting to move forawrd as most sites online that talk about cryptos or BitCoin try to give you the drone out complicated information about the coin and what digital currency really is and how BitCoin is made and so forth and go on to tell you that a cpu or computer can mine coins alot of that stuff you do not really need you can research that on your own. As if you are new or experienced to cryptos may you take this information i share with you to the grave or not is up to you, but know it is free i get nothing or advantage from any of this if you follow it or not. But i will tell you this and this one time only any coin in the crypto world has a chance to move up and a point of 10 satoshi BTC is the difference of life and death as 10 satoshi up means life and if you have 100,000,000.00000 of the coin you now earned a BitCoin. see coins do make it and i am setting you up to make that yep i know it is hard to imagine it but if you follow my advice it gonna happen. 

By now you see a little profit in coins though it took you awhile to reach the goals i set for you to make, remember the tools section they help you, ding the faucets helps and traffic two of the most valauble assets in your aresonal are those two things right there. But beside that part is this next step and this step is so huge it will make you smile and laugh because it is so simple to do.

Now before we get into that if you been reading and talking to people and in the chat rooms forums you see it is a ficious atmosphere out there and a lot of people are jammering on about a coin or the coins you are even mining and in truth none of them know a simple thing and if they do they will not tell you, for simple the world is selfish and greedy in nature, but here is the facts i am showing and teaching you the right way the way i was taught in 2012 and up about cryptos when cryptos were not so popular as they are today. Yes inform yourself about a coin meaning no matter what i even tell you do your research and then decide. How do i do research well every coin is online and each coin has a Anne or a website or blog some even have chat places like discord chat. in all honesty just becareful as there are many scammers out htere and i try to keep my folllowers away from that lot. if it is not posted on this site do not trust it in anyway. that is my best advice i can give you, no there is no such thing as a coin generator those are scam sites or ponzi, it is hard for you right now as there is tones of ponzy and scammers out there. The best advice i can give is if it is not on this site do not trust it ever. If you bring it to my attentin i will research and test it, if it is legit i will post it if not then no. just be aware is all if you are not being taught by a trusted source it will never happen. 

Okay more info i know bu thtis is important for you to understand and it is the law of cryptos. - One Mining coins, there is many ways to mine coins, the overall is 1 to 4% a day is all your ever gonna make so when you see invest here for 100 to 5000% interest profits or ROI false scam ponzy site. no one ever made any more then 1 to 4 % Annual that means a entire year of the value they put in 4% thats it max. its simple due to difficulties and algorythems what miner hardware you need minus cost of hardware maitenance power to operate 1 to 4% yearly is all that is made over a course of usually 5 years. so keep that in mind there is no get rich quick system out there. when buying brand new hardware like ASIC miner technology yep you make some money at first you have a price tag over thusands of dollars already invested and might clear 50 to 100 dollars a day for the first while but he price will go down and it is not wrth your time and money to throw like that beleive me i know
So here is the Golden Rule spend what you can afford to lose in that spendature it consist of all hardware and at least 1 year of electric bills. If you can afford that ASIC that way you got a chance to make a few coins. Sounds like wow no money in it, there is but not what you hear in reports and we can not compare to warehouses full of machines. if you can buy a ASIC miner hook it up and pay no electric for it then yep Profit eventually but chances of that happening not really.

Algorythems as i said all coins have a algo and do you need to know them nope not for this part but if you want to mine hardware ming yep you def want to know them. Okay that being said why do you not need to know them for this part, its a knowledge base thing your not mining with hardware and though it is a option i am not telling you to do it. Hardware mining is expensive and very little profit in the end resolve i mine with hardware even i know it cost a fortune to operate and keep up therefore for you to begin to mine a coin with hardware is expensive and very little profit, fdepends on the miner or GPU which is Graphics Card. Graphics cards can be used to mine, or you say to me i went to a yardsale and i bought a tote of orb miners can i mine with them yep and i teach you how later on in this but it is not very profitable but i will not discourag eyou as it helps your profile of cryptos, and yes it will produce something over all but i have to help you out so be paitent with that as i am very busy but i give you a walk through to set it up and you be mining easiest way. 

OKay I know sounds like i am giving you a lecture and this is stuff you need to know as of now you are aware how hard it is to mine a coin. And witht hat being said the mining you just have gone through is Faucet mining doing a click on the coin every few minutes or hours yes you can do tone sof them online are they profitable no not anymore the coins i gave you through faucet were to help you on the site not for financial gain to help you reach your goal why cause it is important. The other form of mining is browser mining the mining you do on the mning page here and if you decided to get your own very page with us you are promoting your page and getting more minning from us promoting it around to over 5000 people a day free for life. WOW huh yep told you to read those tools that is under traffic. 

NOw we are going to teach you a new form of mining this form of Minning is one of my personal favourite types huh yep it is so effective it makes most hardware miners cowar at its awsomeness thats right and any real crypto person that knows cons and how they work will tell you to go for it as they do it too. The coins in the world there is over 1000 of them currently and all them have a thing called a wallet. a qt wallet to be exact these are known as cold storage wallets, now wait before you go off half cocked and start downloading and installing all the wallets you can grab you would need over 500 tb harddrive. I hop that got your attention because they are not made to download them all unless you have a warehuse full of computers and hard drive source on the main drive only. Okay so how do we get around things like wallet downloads and i want as many wallets as i can get on my computer. alright there is a way to do that and it cost again mor emoney from your pocket lol and i be happy to sell you that way lol. am kidding but i can inform you. For those wanting to do off the wall downloads the way is simple memory sticks Huh bet you never seent hat one coming did you. yes it is possible to make the wallet go to a memory stick instead of your hard drive and the trick is simple but there is a risk, you lose the stick it gets corrupt or damaged, now what do you do. in reality memory stick users do not keep unplugging and plugging sticks in they plugin and leave it. this method is still cold storage and it is a very effective way to do wallets over a large number. The aspect of qt wallets are very good for you and you will learn a few coins we use and why we use them and in the list of coins you can get a cold wallet there is a purpose as we do POS Mining this is simple to do and a very effective way to make coins mine them that is by staking them cold wallet storage. 

What is POS Mining simple Proof of Stake mining is as common in crypto world as BitCoin is. the aspects of POS mining is so valauble that it will make you jump with joy and excitment. THe overall is this POS Mining generates coins over time the longer you are on the blockchain the higher your height or weight is and becomes, as your coins gain height or weight they earn more and more randomly they POS. this can be a very very valauble aspect to your overall and will with proper prune ship of the wallet you will begin to make dollars a day and if the coin jumps that 10 satoshi and you have generated many of the coins you will make a bitcoins in one full swoop. This is a technique to all this and one i am going to teach you and show you how to do, so do not get worried or concerned it is a very valauble aspect and shows you how things go and once this is all setup you keep at it do not let your gaurd down for a moment, it is easy to walk away from projects like this as they take time to build and grow, but once you d the steps they continue to grow and mature. 

Remember that RSP Sales person telling you if you invest 25.00 dollars a month or every pay cheague you'll have this much when you retire. okay lets use that annology. this is the same thing but instead of waiting 30 years you can see the growth in a few months some coins in days or a few weeks. that growth only keeps growing by the way. How much is it worth SHrugz did you check it on the global exchange sittes to see what it is worth ?? because if you did not i have no idea as i do not know how much your wallet holds. but i can tell you this every full coin 1.000000000 is worth either DOGE, LTC, DASH, BCH, BTC worth and that is all i can tell you until you take and sell it you and i have real no idea what it is worth one week you can make  0.01 BTC Satoshi the next week earn 0.00752 Satoshi off the same coin because the markets on all coins go up and down, but there is always a cosntance in them meaning there is always a pause in coins as almost every coin sits at a certain area if you make above that you did great below that you sold immaturly. None the less experience is your guide int his the more you sell the more you understand what the coin is really worth and by using a cold wallet for the coin you can place it in the exchange with the highest value of the coin to sell the amount you want to sell.

I know i sound like am rambling on but this information i am giveing you free is golden and you may not know it yet it will reshape your entire future again and again and what do i want from it nothing at all i am just pleased to share this information with you and i know if you follow it you will make money how much depends how determined you are to make money and is it legit yep just make sure you calim what you turn over to real money during income tax return exetra extera extera..

Okay now that i droned on 

Lets Begin

There are exatcly many wallets you can get yourself into

Yep eaxactly many how much not gonna say it is not for me to say

Because i can only teach you from this megre keyboard is it exciting yep do i make a referral comission nope not at all your contribution is not going to help me either way all your gonna do is shine out from me again and again because unlike you right now i have great faith in you i know as any teacher does i am to inspire you to become greater then i and that way i know exactly you succeeded where at the time i tried i failed but with my many mistakes i gained a knowledge not to do it again.  SO here we go grab your calculator your mojo what ever it may be and follow me along

Below is a list of coins you can find easy enough i show you how

go to google searh type in this command search

(name of coin) Download Wallet it will popup usually some info abut the coin your looking for the official site .net sometimes

once you find it you can then go to the site and download the wallet qt. 

i use windows wallets mostly though some coins have mac linux aspects as well

anyways go grab some coin wallets i recommend 

TopCoin .qt









these will get you started

there is many POS coins but we are dealing with cold wallets

These wallets are POS or Stake Wallets 

if i come across more good ones i will add them so keep checking this as i do not fool around these wallets work and stake. 

if you do not see the wallet getting connections ask me in chat box above i will help you setup the wallet to sync  it probably needs nodes etc...

What is a node google search it. I will not explain this as it would take time to explain and you might get it or not basically a node is a qt wallet works from a node basically a node is a connection made without a node the wallet does not work. 

Oh yes one more wallet not $Pac.qt but PacCoin.qt 
right now i am for all intensive purposes selling 100k pac coins for a price of 965.00 DOGE Coins and i will buy back at .0065 this way you gain note that contrary to beleif and practical as they say in exchanges if you ask PacCoin is dead it is not, I know this because i have both PacCoin and $Pac and since i am a Coin Whale in both coins i know that PacCoin is still running. the aspects of you  staking PacCoin is very good and reward is very high. though note PacCoin takes awhile to stake meaning you have to wait for it to stake once it does though you will earn back your Doge you invested in no time as PacCoin is a good coin for stking. 

OKay now you have the wallets downloaded what do you do with them

Simple remeber all the goals i made you collect you simply use the goal amounts to buy coins with. Once you buy coins you withdraw them to your wallet under recieve coins in the wallets. remember the amount you send i try and keep my POS wallets at round actual Coin numbers. example 10000.0000000 Coins in the wallet this way any interest i make over a week or month i can withdrawl and cash out on if i want to grow my wallet i take 25% of total interest i made and i keep it in the wallet again rounded example 10000.0000 coins start interest made 500.00 i keep 125.00 coins so my wallet will look like 10125.00 cins and i sell 375 coins. this way i make profit and i keep my wallet growing next time i gain interest it will look like this example 10125.000 coins interest made 533.000 coins again i take 25% of that and it would be 133.5 coins so i keep 130.00 coins making my wallet look like 10255.00 coins and i sell 399.50 coins
it does not take a mathmatician or a expert financial advisor to see you are gaining profit as your wallet goes up so does your coins.

The Hodlr it is a term where people grab coins throw them into a cold wallet and Hold Onto them forever. HODLR are very popular problem is no coin circulation no coin values the value drops in a coin remember coins gain value if they are popular. so by circulating some coins you make profit and you also grow this is the best method overall cause you gain back some money in the process. the idea here is to build your POS Wallets you do this by the coins themselves or throw more into them through goal sets of mining witht he program and or by using a portion of the sales to buy more. the more coins you have the bigger the reward is in the end.

example of this if user a had 100,000,000 coins and they sold every thing they got in interest and made say 10,000.00 coins at interest intervals they get roughly the same amount of money back lets say 100.00 dollars. Where as if user B had 1,000,000.00 coins and made the same interest say 10,000.00 coins and they sold 80% and kept 20% in wallet they then take 25% of the 80.00 they made in sales and then infest and buy more coins with it they look like this 1,400,000.00 Coins in Wallet  which is 20% plus 200,000 coins bought from the 80 dollars they got for the coins leaving them with 60 dollar profit. what this means is simple next pay table or interest stake they increase thee percentage of interest meaning they get more coins to sell then 10,000.00 in fact they get 14,000.00 where user A stays standing stil User B is growing and getting more richer every interst intake. they are richer in coin amounts and overall in dollar value it does not take long to exceed the HODLr in this senario which is user A by following my teaching you win win everytime again and again.

If someone tells you to hold onto a coin do not do it unless i tell you to do so but even then i give you a very good reason as to why.

Simply follow this step

Thse who need money 75% Interest intake meaning stake sell keep your numbers rounded put in excahnge the odd numbers even past the decimal like 3 .35200897532 those are to sell keep round numbers by 5 and 10's like 205.0000 or 1310.000 this way its easy to kepp track of. when dealing with large numbers you go nuts trying to figure out the millionth of a cent every time. so keep your numbers clear. you keep 25% in wallet.

Those that need money but are okay take 50%  interst leave the rest same round numbers off.

those that do not need money and this is fun and entertaining 25% Interest  leave rest in wallet round it off. 

Okay so you put coins in the exchange but you do not have enough accumilated to sell no worries just wait till next interest.
Some markets in exchange meaning coins you sell too require a certain amount before you can sell the coin and vise versa before you can buy a coin. therefore do not worry when you get enough accumulated sell and buy trade in for cold hard cash its that simple work the system don't be  aslave to it like most people are work it be paitent is all eventually you forget the days you had to wait 10 interest POSes to sell the first batch off. 

ANd you also see that .01 cent trun into .10 cents and so on like we do make a note of it call them mile stones if you lik ethey do climb they do take off they do rise.

If you follow the system i just explained to you and continue to use the program and the tools you will begin to grow and grow and grow 

Rememeber to check in from time to time i may add another coin and you will want to jump onto it and get it going as of right now you have 10 cins you are focusing on those ten coins are gems they are money makers end of story.
For those with Graphics Cards and old miners your not gonna get rich but you will make some money here simply click the button below as i promised it will help you out and you can then begin to mine again have fun and be kind to others as i have to you. 

that is a direct link as i told you i am not after referrals and do not need your money you keep that all you have to do is set up a account here find plug in your miner and you are on your way to mining

you'll need to download the program its a plug and play thing no effort or loss if you run into problems ask i might be able to figure it out but there support staff is top notch.