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Now you are wondering as to how to drive the masses to you and yet how to get a page up and running full of miners without spending a dime. That is the simple as we know by now crypto currency is here to stay is living proof of that as we have been here for years and will be here for years to come. and all the while we been making crypto currency coins behind the scene or back drop and teaching you how to do it free and without great effort. That being said now w are going to teach you this way and this way has worked since the launch of Browser Mining  we aim to help you mine coins online and we want to do this the easy way as well Yep you get a chance to make more and produce more coins by driving traffic to your Page this will help boost your coins. In most cases Paid advertising works above all allows masses to open your page and make a dent on it this allows you to overcome the hurdle of ging out to find advertising, as we have a endless supply of people viewing our page criteria a day and our traffic scores are in the thousands imagine having hundreds of people viewing your miner Page a Day and remaining on the page a gauranteed amount of time. That gonna make your miners go up and mine the coins right you are right the boost will scare you lol but thats not all we make it so affordable that you will not beleive it after all you are mining the coins anyways, you are earning them free and hands down making money at the same time. And you already know by setting up the miners and by ding the program you can safely see you are making money from it as the coins mine away and you are also seeing a huge increase on the daily mining. This is done by us in a way we show this to you and we also teach you one more step as you setup this next step The Traffic Step it is more important to you then ever before as the Traffic Step comes with a backed increase in taffic daily and you earn even more coins from people all over the world. pretty neat huh? this is why we say it is okay to invest a little of the coins you made to generate more traffic and boost your mining program it will make you want to boost it again and again but yes you could do that but lets keep it simple and let everyone get a chance at it. First off i'd like to say this is on this program site paid in full for 2 years, 1 year domain name. each year the domain name will be paid, and after 2 years again another 2 years be paid. do we advertise the answer to that question is Yes of course we do. But here is the kicker of it all even though we advertise to countless thousands we also use search tags to launch a new scope into the field. below is a list of advertising packages and how to do them and from that you will get a huge amount of traffic do you even know why you get this traffic because of N am not gonna ask you for a kidney to advertise with us, and no put your pocket book down. All you gonna do is simply pay through crypto currency thats it. you do not need to go through any other means then that and you make it back in no time at all as we do the advertising for you. Read along and we will help you se thtis up.

Page Charge to Advertise and setup your Page

What you need to understand that for us everything is a cost thing and all we are doing with you is sharring the cost of the site to help maintain it the miners are literally free all we are charging you for is a page not just any page your page. thats right you are being charged a amount to have your own page. and no it is not a monthly charge either it is a one time for ever charge aspect. Okay so what does this mean well simple you provide for us a currency you are already mining. and you get back a complete work page on this page you include your miner links which we will tell you, We work with you to setup your page and allow you to preview it, in the Page you can talk about what ever you want and i mean what ever there is no right or wrong you can inform people about something or have them directed to your website what ever you want. Note no adult content keep it clean thank you. and On your page you have miners slots up to 6 slots. you can choose to mine all coins or you can pair them up or what ever chice is yours but you get only 6 slots to work with. Beleive me that is enough also Note keep the miner low in poer CPU and 1 thread  that is enough beleive me. If you get greedy you will destroy this and it will hender you for years to come cause once you loose the well of profit making you lose the world. and if yu freeze up peoples computers they will report your accunt. s keep it the minimum and it will work and profit you forever or as long as they still offer browser mining.
Now with all that being said your still wondering how much is this advertising for a life time. Well when i Looked at this i was like hmm we could really charge a lot here, but that is not helping the people that matter the most which is you  my followers. SO i said we can charge BitCoin or BitcoinCash and it was like No that is to much and not worth our tie, We could charge DOgeCoin and or LiteCoin and again i said no because it is not fair the highest two coins they make a lot of. So after all that being said it is Dash Coin we are charging you for and it is low enough at first it will not seem to be but in reality it is. 

DASH 0.10

That s the amount you need to send in order to get a Page with us. 

You are like i do not have that how much is that ?

In truth it is just a number as crypto currencie fluctuates from day to day it is hard to give you a estimate on how much that really is, we can give you exact amount right now but tomorrow next year next 5 years it could be way different all we want is DASH 0.10 thats it does not mattter t us what it is worth overall and it is easy to get you are earning it right now lol.

If you go to the site and click Dashboard the coins change and pop up new totals right.

then click tokens coin or doge or btc or bch or ltc anyone of them

see Convert

click that and change it to DASH 

thats as simple as it is to generate Dash.

When you reach 0.10 DASH by converting it and mining it you can then withdraw that to your wallet 

then you can send your DASH to this Address. if it is 0.10 minus your withdraw fee it is fine. 

as long as it is 0.10 we understand you then send a copy of the transaction to this address we will provide. a email address that is.

But wait i did not give you the email address nor have i given you the dash address to send the coins too.

Nope not yet not time

you have to set up the rest of your Page.

​So lets go do that first.

Setting Up Your Page

Page Setup is very important reason for that is that you can now make money and to do that is to inform people of your page ha! Bet you never seen that coming okay so you are not a expert marketer or advertiser you do not have any web page experience or even know where or how to begin and thats not all how do i set up my page and what do i really need to do. 

First off if you have not yet done this make sure you register a username in the chat box above yep set up your user box so you can communicate with us and with other followers. 

Now when sending us a email you will include your user name, and the transaction for the DASH Coin you sent us by email.

then you will need to send us page contents. 

if you go to the Dashboard and click a coin click mine Coin

at the bottom you will see earn more button click that

you are given two links we need the bottom one a big line link

that is what you are going to put in the email that link for that coin

okay so now you choose 6 coins to mine 

and send us the link you can choose all the same coin or all different or 2 of the same or three of the same or four of the same you get the idea.

Your Page is your Page meaning now that we are on all abou tyou you will instruc tus with writen context, write the email how you want the page to look if it requires buttons to links to ther web pages great we include them inform people who you are what you are doing and that stuff we will ge the word out for sure. afterall it is your page.

Also when we resend the link back for you to preview it will be your page link meaning PopBank.Page.your

this clearly identifies you in our page system 

and once that is all done we do our magic and add the traffic to your Page. in chat box you can post once for new comers and exsisting followers to view your page just shoot up you reference link of the page meaning copy paste the url at the top of the web page with yur user name in it.

This helps you boost your mining as well.

In the Patrons Page we will list your name and Page URL sort of like living testamonies and you can even send a brief word about your experience here with us.

Okay that is it

Oh i forgot to give you the email addie.

Okay so here we go


and once you email us first time say you want a traffic page for mining

and we will then provide you a Dash Coin Address and you know the rest.