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 Make Money Online Complete Walkthrough

Walk Through How you can Make Money Online

Okay a Lot of you want to learn how I and many others make money online, well like anything in the world of Making Money it does involve a little bit of work from you and all the tools you need are right here on this site for you to make a income online.

As you go through this entire Walk Through it not only teaches you but you create a entire board of tools that you use daily the same tools i use, as it drives you money to Pyament Gateways such as BitCoin BTC, PayPal and Payeer. and the neatest thing is anybody can do it with any device the thing is all you need is a bit of time and i Provide you the instruction and the tools to do it as well  FREE FREE FREE FREE.

Yep that is right all this information is Free and its always been online though many have not bothered to show anyone how to do it, so i will take the time and teach you and as i do take notes how i do it, because you will need to do your own Blog as i just did to set up this great way to make income and make money online as you are about to do right now.

Each site you visit you must leave windows open do not close them as you will be using these windows, login to these sites if you can and make them part of your everyday tools as we go through this walk Through you will learn key points and how to word things, most people are swamped on a daily bases of ways to make money online but in truth a lot of them are scam sites what i am teaching you in this tutorial is exactly how it is done. But let us take a breath and begin.

Step 1

In this Step i inform you as to what you need this step teaches you a question what is BitCoin or BTC, if you do not have a payment gateway such as BitCoin or BTC Wallet, PayPal or Payeer you can click the button and get one Free, everything i give to you is a tool inwhich is absuletly FREE.  

What is BitCoin or BTC
Get a Free Bitcoin Wallet
Get a Free PayPal
Get a Free Payeer
Once you understand what BitCoin is or BTC and you have a BitCoin Wallet and Payeer and PayPal gateway you can now go to the next Step.  Remember these are Payment gateways and as they are online gateways they do not really account as a Tangable money until they are brought into a physical Bank Account or byin Cash trades. Then they become physical Tangable currency.

Step 2

Now that we have Gateways we need to set up a few more Imprtant Sites these sites are important as they become a stream of income for you hands down and they have been online forever. But Problem is no one ever taught you how to use them rightly it is what i will do now and explain after you have had a chance to look at the site. The sites themselves generate money by via BitCoin BTC, Payeer and PayPal it is why i had to make sure you had these payment gateways so you to can make money online daily like i do. If you are all set up lets look at the tools which help you generate a little income per page view.  Once Again I ask that you leave these pages open to these sites as you will require to use them again and again as you set up your walk through.

These Sites are shrin URL sites which help you generate income daily for page views but not just any page view, As many have done in the past and have gotten Ban or Suspended accounts do to not following the rules on these sites, Do Not worry though as we instruct and teach you the right way how to use these sites which can be a very important and helpful tool that generates you a income daily, one in which you never have to worry about it is sort of like doing the proper work and information and setting the system of that program on auto pilot. it is exactly what we are showing you how to do with these Shrink Sites. Shrink sites are used on a day to day bases to help support web pages that give information wlak throughs and videos most shrink sites do not support any form of adult content and do not allow ref linkage meaning or pertaining that you build a large chain or loop links together you have to keep it simple and simple means one link at a time one shrink not loop a series of links together which can be reported and cause suspension. It is your duty to do so when you see this because those are people trying to scam the place you bleong where you are trying to be decent and abide the rules. so yes if you see this type of behvour please report it for the greater good of us all. No a shrink link can not take you to a site where you have to pay for a download tha tis just someone once again trying to cheat the system and get your page view and make money off you these are people that scam. And No a shrink link can not be used on a traffic exchange or a pay to click site  these are suppose to go to information only or decent infomation videos or can be a entertainment video like a music video they are very particular and there is many out there that will report abuse so keep that in mind. Now you know the does and don't of a shrink site read the terms carefully if you have a question ask us myself or other followers we will advice you but more or less we are here to help you out.

Step 3

Okay let us get you Started in setting up these Proper URL Shrink SItes all the information you have up in tabs is right there you have the What is BitCoin URL, The COin Exchange, the Payeer, and PayPal page all these places except PayPal have a referral system one in which you can use and shrink the URL, remember you can shrink a Referral URL and paste it but you can not beg people to join under you you can only paste the URL Referral Link if they sign up under you Bonus be content they clicked and viewed your page and smile about it as that is a big help.  All you are doing is doing what many of us online do daily we give you links sometimes the links are shortened so when a human being breathing clicks the button we make a tiny comission for the ad that is on the site where the link shrotner is. This is called paid marketing ads ona  web page where advertisers release a flash page to try and sell you something or get you to visit there site, Okay what ever we are not interested in all that all we are interested in is using these shrink links to make money and using them properly. and the best way is to send people to information or sites that do not require them to cough up a lung to join them or download things, freeware software is a great revenue of income through shrink urls creating a blog like a article ad promoting the products you can use. COme on if you ever researched for things on line and seen links in that article you have clicked them sometimes they are direct links to the information and sometimes they are a shrunk link. So either way you get the info you requested through the persons article write up.  So you want to create a blog you can simply do that by clicking up above Traffic Control Forum register there and once you login you will see you can create a free blog, you can write it anywya you like and post links look at other users to get a idea it is okay as it is Free to use. and why we have it to help people like you to understnad and give you proper information in how to make money online everyday Free. Once you have registered and seen how other Forum Members aka my Followers are Blogging this info which is no big Mystery secret just Information in how to put it all together you see if other people are doing it and making money so can you and so start below is a few more sites you can add to your info sites to boost more views.
Music Good Ole Shanty
Movie Trailers Only
As you can see you can add things to your Blog i encourage you to have fun making blogs and give exciting but informative information use freeware like Cnet, you can even give Weather Reports, you can give music videos but becareful use older music , you can give recipes, and Movie Trailer Only. the reson for this is that they are all freeware or free information. Exactly which the shrink links use to inform people of things they want you to view and which gives the shrink link site a chane to advertise from their paid advertisement. Where as that is how you get paid from paid advertisers to that site you are shrinking your urls on.

Step 4

Now that you have a idea on how to post a blog and how to overall make a info aspect of a blog is their another way to make money you may ask other then doing a Blog and making Shrink Links and the answer to your question is exactly YES there is. The next peice of information is a little for you to grasp right away and you will use all your knowledge gathred so far to do it right and I will walk you Through it. We have learned how to do a Blog Walk through just like this one, we have also learned that most blogs are like essays or short articles that provide links to crucial shareware or freeware or even just simple information. And once again we use a shrink link to send people to this information is how we get paid for it, but here is the stickler of it all there has been sites out for many years that pay you no these are not paid to blog sites those sites are for the professional bloggers that have to blog or die, no these are called post sites, out post sites we use pay you in either BitCoin BTC or PayPal either or and are easy to do, but you can not use a shrink link url to direct traffic to them no do not do that you will not get credited for the page view if you do. No you have to send the link directly. Now you may ask yourself i never get a referral for that yes you will simply cause there is ways to do it and i will share that info with you right now, a Professional blog does not show shrink links they show you text links a text link is a link that has the url in it but you only see text not the link example be like to read more click HERE the here being the link that would be a text link. Here is the code to create a text link [url= hhtp text link can be a url direct or shrink link ] The your Text can be simple click here or a actual sentence [/url] so if you follow the link how it is done it should look like this [] Learn How to Make Money Online[/url] that is how a text link is made and it can be posted anywhwere in a forum or blog. Okay so without Adue there is five sites you can look and remember when you open these sites keep them open you will need these sites and your shrink link as well as your blog walk through open you may be asked to for your BTC Wallet Address and PayPal email to your account as well.
Paid to Post
Bin Post
Bit Post
Posting is simple and can earn you a little more, as you learn not to over post in these sites you also learn to abide by them and accept the rules they have the same ruling as shrink sites. the idea of these sites is so you can share information to or with friends or colligues so we must respect that. We do posting to help us build up a single flow of income no you will not get rich at doing this but you will generate a income, we encourage you keep you posts simple like you have seen in a few of the examples and direct traffic back to you if you bothered to click the link given in the post some can be direct links back to your Walk Through and while you can post a shrink link url back to your walk through just a tip there.  But mainly keep your post short and simple crystal clear to follow.

Step 5

What happens now did you know there is other ways of generating a income online daily and though we seldom over look this you can earn a large income by doing so in this step we teach you about Coin Faucets, a Coin Faucet for all intensive purposes is a coin vendy machine it is where you do a simple task usually a quick puzzle and you get a reward in coins. this was invented for BitCoin a way back and became popular for Developers to help circulate the coin and get valuable information across in the coin awarness to the public. It allowed Developers of the coin to not make a profit overall but to help people understand how Crypto Currency works these buttons here will point you to some of the best coin faucets online and you too will see how easy they are to do and that you over a period of time can make a nice little income off them.
As you can see that you can earn a little bit of coin on a daily bases no you do not have to stay on these sites and click them for eternity all that is required is that you log in at least once a day and give a daily click these help build your awareness of other crypto currency and as well make a little coin to eventually withdraw amounts which help build you up in the Income department. We can use other crypto coin faucets as well to promote and explain in a blog how they work and why they are important so that people like you and me know how they can earn money, it is proven that if you continue to do faucets over a course of a year meaning are a faucet fanatic you can earn a bitcoin still and even more. but for our purposes we educate people is all we do, and we do the coin faucets once a day a full click through it will eventually earn us cashout. make sure to incorporate Faucets in your Blog Posts as they become a great tool and help you discuss about something off the wall to inform people and to educate them as most faucets explain what the coin is and what the coin is all about.

Step 6

By Now you have been following along and you are kinda wondering how am i ever going to get traffic to my Blog. and it is a great question so now we will take a moment and introduce to you free ways to do so, as many of you guessed search engine submition that is a good way to do it and though you can go out and try to find a search engines and so on you may just want to take part in our button as it helps you out and allows you to submit your Blog URL free to search engines. the truth is it is a fast boost way takes awhile for the submition to get processed but if you wait on the back door method of the 50 search engine bots that scroll through the site to gather information can take way longer. But either or it will eventually get posted up and that is a sure thing. the other way is free traffic exchanges, yes you can do that as well go to traffic exchanges paste your Blog URL up and gather views that way it dosn't hurt and there is that other way facebook twitter social media which helps as well it gets friends and family people on your social links aware and ask them don't be afraid to go through your walk blog and check for spelling errors and test the links.  and lastly there is the Traffic Control memebrs all are willing to test blogs for you why cause if they test your blog you will test theres. it is a big happy community it is why it is a forum and not a website. you can do paid advertising but know this most paid adverts are boot systems and bots not many paid advertising is real one good place is the link and site you belong too mellowads. it will do the job for you if you are creative you can create a banner for your blog and use it to promote your blog and put it on mellowads.
5000 Back Link
2500 Back Link
300 Back Link
100 SEngines
100 SEngines
In Traffic Control in the Offer wall there is this thing we call a Pro Member what is a Pro Member well they are members with a little more insight and more tools we provide to them a few more unique tools to help them out to help drive traffic for one and to give them tid bits or tips to help them acheive more better results in the Blogging. the Pro Member has a better chance at Blog Views and can generate more traffic then most Stadrad members it is because of the tools we provide them, differenc eis this you dream of getting 1000 page views a day to your blog, why this is because the more page views you earn the higher your rating go up in the search engine criteria and that makes your blog reach a higher audience that is what pro members learn and are provided those tools. Pro Membership is worth its wait in silver inthis case yes tha tis right, but it is also free learnhow you can obtain Pro Membership at no cost. and Part of the learning is one free Pro Tool they use.

Step 7

Now that you have the Standard Membersip Complete Walk Through you can move funds from Payeer to BTC and how to move BTC to your Bank Accounts the two buttons Below describe exactly that it is not hard to figure it out. You then click the Traffic Control button and go to the Forums where you can work on Blogs Have Fun at this but it does involve work. Talk about things you know about that is the easist way to do a Blog.
Payeer to BTC
BTC to Bank
Traffic Control Forum